Unaccompanied Test Drives at HSH Motor Group

Due to new COVID-19 regulations, we advise that vehicle test drives are now unaccompanied. This is to ensure everyone adheres to safety and social distancing measures.

Please be advised that prior to any unaccompanied test drive, we will inspect the driving licence of every driver and require at least one additional form of identity (such as a passport, bank or credit card) to be presented in order for us to establish the following criteria has been met for insurance purposes;

i. every driver is 25 years of age or more but under 75 years of age;
ii. every driver has held a full British or EU driving licence to drive such vehicle for at least one year;
iii. no driver has been involved in more than one motoring accident or claim during the preceding three years;
iv. no driver has been convicted of any:

a. Road Traffic Act offence or series of offences where the penalty points accumulation is 6 or more,
b. criminal offence other than a Road Traffic Act offence

v. no driver has a prosecution pending for any criminal offence (except for the Road Traffic Act offences of parking, or speeding on one occasion if there are no convictions)

vi. the Prospective Purchaser’s bona fides are established by checking the identity of such person by inspecting their driving licence and at least one other document; being their passport or bank cheque or credit card.

Please make sure you bring the required documentation with you at your appointment.

For security purposes, we advise that HSH Motor Group will keep a record of all information gathered in accordance with the above requirements and securely retain this information for six months after the test drive / demonstration or in the event of a claim, for the period that our insurers request.

The time limit for an Unaccompanied Demonstration is to a maximum period of one hour duration. We will require you to provide us with either a) the keys to your own vehicle or b) your original forms of identity documentation (ie passport, driving licence, bank card) as a holding / security deposit during the period of demonstration.

The sales executive will provide more information prior to the unaccompanied test drive taking place.

We thank you for your co-operation.