How does the Motability Scheme Work?

Leasing a Honda from HSH Motor Group through the Motability scheme is very easy and also very affordable, you simply exchange your mobility allowance to lease the car of your choice, and after three years if you decide to continue with the agreement you can choose another one!

Some higher spec cars may require an additional upfront payment to cover the difference between the cost of the car and your allowance. However, most of the Honda Motability Cars on offer here at HSH Motor Group require no additional cost, and some cars even cost less than your weekly allowance, meaning you keep the remainder of your allowance for yourself.

The Motability Scheme gives you complete independence and worry-free motoring with maintenance, servicing, insurance, full RAC breakdown assistance, car tax, tyre and windscreen replacement and a 60,000-mile allowance all included in the agreement. All you need to pay for is the Advanced Payment if required and your fuel.

Motability Benefits Included

  • Vehicle Maintenance

  • Servicing

  • Insurance

  • Full RAC breakdown assistance

  • Car tax

  • Tyre and windscreen replacement

  • 60,000 mile allowance

Step One

Choose Your Car

Honda offers a wide range of vehicles as part of the Motability scheme.

Step Two

Add Named Drivers

You can choose up to 2 named drivers to your insurance.

Step Three

Sit Back and Relax

Feel comfortable in the fact that service, maintenance and repair costs are covered for the next 3 years.